Luxasia Goes Live with ETP Omni-channel Solution


ETP Group is proud to announce that Luxasia, the leading omni-channel partner for beauty and luxury lifestyle brand distribution, retail, and e-commerce in Asia Pacific, has gone live successfully with ETP’s Omni-channel Retail Solutions in “Freyja”, its new community beauty hub in the Philippines, with the ETP V5.5 POS, Mobile POS and Omni-channel Connect software successfully integrated with its online store, CRM and ERP.

The Omni-channel Transformation of Retail Businesses at ETP #Futuretail, Philippines

ETP #Futuretail, Philippines
Omni-channel Transformation of Retail Businesses

ETP Group, Asia’s leading Omni-channel Retail Solutions company hosted senior representatives from Philippines’ leading retail organizations to discuss future challenges and opportunities in an ever-changing retail landscape. The key discussion, “The Omni-channel Transformation of Retail Businesses in the Philippines”, was led by team ETP, including Mr. Naresh Ahuja, Chairman and CEO, Mr. Stephen Dodgson, Principal Management Consultant and Mr. Heherson Uy, National Sales Director – Philippines.

The discussion was part of the ETP #Futuretail 2018 event held at the Fairmont hotel in Makati, recently. Mr. Heherson welcomed the ETP #Futuretail guests and Mr. Stephen Dodgson shared an overview of ETP’s growing presence in Asia. Mr. Naresh Ahuja then shared insights on the growth of the Philippine retail industry in the context of Asia Pacific and the transition of traditional retail to modern retail, e-commerce and omni-channel retail.

Mr. Naresh Ahuja presented key growth data of retail sales in Asia in the coming years. He highlighted the significance of the retail space per capita in the Asian retail market. The presentation also shed light on the abundant opportunities at hand for the retailers in this dynamic region by adopting an omni-channel strategy for their businesses.

ETP then presented a live demonstration of ETP’s Omni-channel Retail Solutions during which, audience members were invited to come forth and personally experience the omni-channel journey by purchasing goods online and instantly collecting them from a pop-up store, setup exclusively for the event.  The audience also witnessed ETP’s Endless Aisle, Click and Collect and Click and Deliver solutions live, completing the O2O journey.

ETP will continue to drive the omni-channel transformation of retail businesses across Asia-Pacific, India and the Middle-East.

ETP Omni-channel Technology Partner at ReTechCon 2018

ETP Omni-channel Technology Partner

ETP Group was the Omni-channel Technology Partner at the recently concluded Retail Technology Conclave – ReTechCon 2018 held on 12-13 June 2018 at the Renaissance Convention Centre, Mumbai, India. With the participation of more than 600 delegates from over 150 retail and technology organizations, the event was a huge success and a great platform to understand what the technology solution providers have to offer to the retail industry.

At the event, ETP hosted leading retailers from various verticals where the team conducted live demos to showcase ETP’s product offerings and to share and understand the opportunities, strategies and technological innovations related to the omni-channel transformation of retail businesses.

Mr. Rajkumar Jagasia, Executive Director, ETP Group shared insights on how ETP is helping leading retailers in India to deliver a seamless experience to their customers in this omni-channel age.

ETP Group had sponsored the ReTech Startup Award at the event indicative of ETP’s encouragement and investment in the bright future of retail technology in India. Mr. Rajkumar Jagasia, Executive Director, ETP Group and Mr. Neev Ahuja, Country Manager – India, ETP Group also presented the ReTech Startup award.

At ETP, we continually push beyond the ordinary and develop omni-channel retail solutions that enable brick and mortar retailers to embrace unified commerce and drive their brands and customer relationships in a seamless manner. ETP has helped in bridging the gap between the offline and online world by connecting the ETP V5 Suite with e-commerce and social media channels and with third-party applications. ETP V5 Omni-channel Retail Solutions empower you to deliver a unified omni-channel experience with features such as Click and Collect, Click and Deliver, Endless Aisle, and a holistic view of the inventory and of the customer. This is done using real-time integration of ETP’s POS, CRM and Promotions engine with webstores and marketplaces using ETP Connect’s secured web services framework, which has the ability to see and manage order flows.