Beyond Checkouts: How Do ETP Mobile POS Solutions Improve Your Store Productivity?


Beyond Checkouts: How Do ETP Mobile POS Solutions Improve Your Store Productivity?

Eliminate queues with user-friendly mPOS technology

Imagine a world where customer journeys extend far beyond the traditional checkout line. A world where retail businesses like yours can foster deeper brand loyalty and unlock new revenue streams by providing unique post-purchase experiences. This is the exciting potential of ETP Mobile POS Solutions.

In this blog, we’ll delve into the transformative power of the ETP Mobile Store and how it helps improve the productivity of your store.

Beyond Checkouts: A Complete Billing & Retail MPOS Solution

Gone are the days of customers waiting in long checkout lines!

Presenting ETP Mobile Store, a complete billing, retail mobile POS software on Android-based smartphone devices that can also be used as a queue-busting solution. It is designed keeping in mind the physical store floor space availability.

Here’s how ETP MPOS empowers your business:

  • Boost Efficiency and Reduce Wait Times: Assist customers anywhere on the shop floor—no need to wait for a traditional register. This lets you ring up sales, answer questions, and check out customers quickly, keeping lines short and staff productive.
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: The ETP Mobile POS Solution app allows you to register customers for your loyalty program, provide information on loyalty points, and even look up product stock levels—all on the spot. This personal touch fosters stronger customer relationships and encourages repeat business.
  • Seamless Hold Billing: Put an end to abandoned purchases! With ETP mobile POS software, you can create hold bills for customers, allowing them to save items and complete the purchase later. This improves customer satisfaction and reduces lost sales opportunities.
  • Unified Customer Experience: The app integrates seamlessly with other ETP omnichannel retail solutions. This ensures all customer data, including loyalty points and purchase history, is consistent across your sales channels, online and offline.

The result? A smoother, more efficient in-store experience that keeps your customers happy and coming back for more.

Effortless Mobility: Available on Any Device, Anywhere

ETP Retail Mobile POS goes the extra mile for your business by offering ultimate flexibility. 

Here’s how:

Platform Agnostic: The app is available for download on iOS and Android-based smartphones and tablets, allowing you to equip your staff with the most comfortable devices.

Flexible Connectivity: Print receipts conveniently using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi within your store. For pop-up shops or kiosks, the app seamlessly connects to the ETP Central Server EAS through cloud computing, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted workflow.

Seamless Integration: Mobile POS solution (mPOS) integrates perfectly with your existing ETP Store Operations system, guaranteeing all customer information and sales data stay consistent across channels.

The bottom line: ETP Mobile Store empowers you to deliver a superlative brand experience, no matter the device, location, or customer interaction.

How ETP Mobile POS Software Reduces Wait Times

Makes your store staff more efficient: 

With mobile POS equipped tablets or smartphones, store and sales associates can transform into sales experts, assisting customers anywhere in the store. This means closing sales at the perfect moment, not waiting for a traditional checkout line. Equipped with instant product information, they can provide personalized guidance on availability and features. Plus, this retail mPOS streamlines the process by accepting various payment methods right there. 

A single view of customers:

But it’s not just about transactions. ETP mPOS creates a unified customer experience by offering a single view of your shoppers. They can be instantly enrolled in your CRM program, and they can even earn and redeem loyalty points on the spot. This translates to a happier workforce, faster service, and a more personalized shopping journey for your customers—a win-win for everyone!

No more inventory guessing games:

Cloud-based mobile POS solutions provide real-time visibility into your entire stock across all channels. This empowers your sales associates to answer customer questions about product availability instantly, right on the shop floor. With accurate information at their fingertips, they can not only provide faster service but also close more sales and boost your overall revenue.

Say goodbye to checkout headaches:

Mobile POS software empowers your customers to pay how they want, accepting cash, debit, credit, loyalty cards, and even emerging payment methods. This flexibility creates a smooth and convenient checkout experience, keeping your customers happy and coming back for more.

Keep sales ringing with mPOS:

Long lines are a major turn-off for shoppers. With mobile POS, you can quickly set up additional checkout points during peak hours, keeping lines short and customers satisfied. This translates to fewer abandoned carts and a boost in your overall sales.

The volume of digital transactions:

Traditional point-of-sale (POS) systems handle online transactions efficiently, but security becomes a bigger concern when dealing with high sales volumes. Cash-based businesses might not necessarily require a dedicated POS device. However, for businesses experiencing a surge in online or cashless transactions, investing in secure mobile POS technology offers significant advantages. MPOS is a powerful tool designed to empower businesses that thrive on online and cashless transactions.

Slash costs and boost efficiency with mobile POS:

Unlike traditional POS systems, mobile POS is a budget-friendly solution. You can leverage existing iOS or Android tablets, minimizing the need for expensive hardware. Plus, the familiar interface minimizes training needs for your staff—they will be up and running in no time! This translates to significant cost savings while empowering your team to deliver a smooth customer experience.

ETP Mobile POS Software – Key Characteristics

  1. Available on iOS and Android-based smartphones and tablets
  2. Lookup products, pricing, images, and inventory easily and instantly
  3. Endless Aisle lets stores offer their entire online inventory to in-store shoppers, boosting sales and customer satisfaction
  4. Supports discounts/promotions, holds bills, enables instant billing and loyalty points, etc
  5. Simplifies customer database lookups and CRM information and enables easy de-duplication of customer data
  6. Supports message promotions, free items, line discount scan events, line discount order end events, value buys, credit card header discount promotions, & more
  7. Tracks beginning and end of shift for the mobile counter

Retailer’s Success with ETP Mobile POS Solutions

  • Effortless Expansion: Opening new stores becomes a breeze with ETP’s standardized process.
  • Enhanced Customer Journey: Empower your staff to deliver exceptional service. They can readily answer product inquiries, check inventory levels, and facilitate seamless purchases—all on the spot.
  • Goodbye Long Lines: ETP Mobile POS Software tackles queue buildup with rapid billing. Product lookup is a snap, and integration with various loyalty programs makes checkout smooth and efficient.
  • Boost Staff Productivity: Simple to use for both staff and supervisors, the ETP MPOS empowers your team to work smarter, not harder.
  • Eco-Friendly Choice: Cater to environmentally conscious customers by offering digital receipts via email, eliminating paper waste.
  • Maintain Safe Distancing: Enable safe social distancing practices by minimizing customer contact at traditional checkouts.

Convenience & Efficiency: A Win-Win for Retailers & Customers

In a nutshell, the ETP Mobile POS Software (mPOS) empowers you to transform the shopping experience. 

Happy customers: Faster checkouts, queue busting, and a wider selection through Endless Aisle features keep shoppers smiling.

Empowered staff: Staff can access real-time inventory, promotions, and loyalty programs, all on their mobile device.

Streamlined operations: Reduce wait times, manage inventory efficiently, and maintain a safe shopping environment.

Learn more & take control: Explore ETP Mobile POS Solutions Today!

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