3 ways to help shoppers buy more and buy fast | Mobile POS software

Shoppers like to browse and take their time shopping, that’s probably during normal days. During the festive seasons, we all know that shoppers just want to get their festive shopping done as soon as possible. Stores are also in a rush to clear as many shoppers as possible so that they can clear their stock and hit the KPIs for the year. 

So how then do we go about speeding up the process? 

Here are three ways to do it:

  • Send gift ideas and personalized offers

Make use of your data collected throughout the year and send your existing customers a curated list of gift ideas and offers.

Not only does this show that your brand cares for its customers, it also reduces the time they need to think about what to shop and spend more time browsing and buying from your shop.

The personalised offer will pique the interest of the customer and the discounts essentially encourage them to buy more!

  • Give them all the options with endless aisle 

Limited shelf space? No problem. With technology nowadays, it is easy to list your entire inventory across stores and at warehouses online. Even with customers that are unfamiliar with your store, you are able to showcase all there is to them in a single screen! 

Staff will be able to approach shoppers and offer them suggestions that are not on the shelves and allow the customers to view the entire inventory and choose from there. Then if the inventory is not in store, the sales associates can order the products for home delivery from the store on the same screen. 

With endless aisle, stores are no longer limited by the shelf space and will be able to offer more to their customers. Shoppers will feel that they are getting more than they expected and this will increase shoppers’ satisfaction. 

  • Help them get out faster with mobile POS (mPOS)

Lastly, all shoppers want, after browsing and getting the stuff they need, is to pay and leave, fast. To enhance the shoppers experience, mPOS systems can be set up for them to do self-checkouts or for shop assistants to process those that have a few items so that shoppers who only have a handful of items can grab and go. 

mPOS also opens up the opportunity for customers to Buy Online and Pickup In Store (BOPIS). This will facilitate the shopping experience more effectively and efficiently, leaving both the shoppers and the store assistants to have a more pleasant festive shopping experience.

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