2 ways to increase your brick and mortar store sales this Christmas


During this season where the pandemic is still around, it is a hassle for stores to limit the number of people in the store and in the queue. This may even affect the store’s revenue and sales if the online presence is not strong enough.

How then can you improve on your store’s performance in these times, especially when you want to please your customers, get more sales and still maintain good COVID practices? 

Buy online Pickup In Store or BOPIS is something that is up and coming around the world. It is important for shoppers who are not able to head to the shops during the office hours to be able to still browse and pay for the items and pick up the item when it is convenient. 

This allows customers to purchase items online without even stepping in the store mixing and mingling with other shoppers. This arrangement will free up the store to allow other shoppers to enter and it will help the store to not lose sales due to COVID restrictions and impatient customers. 

Given the store’s limited capacity and limited shelf space, it is hard for all the products to be shown in stores. Having the endless aisle option will open up the ability for customers to view the entire inventory and pick out items either to be shipped to their homes or reserve it for pick up another time. 

This opens up more choices for customers to choose from, while at the same time keeps the number of shoppers low in stores. Endless aisle will also allow staff to have a clearer view on the availability of items. They are able to provide prompt alternatives and offer other options to shoppers when stocks run out, saving time from checking the inventory physically. 

It is definitely a difficult time for retailers during this festive season amidst this pandemic, however it is also an opportunity for retailers to show customers the adaptability and ingenuity of the store and give a positive impression to them.

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