Demand Planning

Demand Planning


Stock right using powerful demand planning

There is some art and some science involved in forecasting demand, particularly today, with the rapid change of consumer preferences. The ETP system gives you the science with historical data trends and allows you to use your art to map that into your forecast. It allows you to forecast customer demand across channels for products for a specific time, season or a full business cycle.

Demand planning scenarios consists of Ratio plans and Sales plans. Ratios form a very important part of any Merchandise Plan and the effectiveness of the plan mostly depends on the quality of ratio planning. Business/Sales ratio plans help in allocating the target sales to different levels of hierarchies available. The business ratio plan allows planners to allot ratios to different hierarchies existing in sales planning i.e. merchandise/location/channel/time. Sales Planning is the most critical part of merchandise planning. This is the point where the planning team starts by defining the total target sales value for the period, location and merchandise. You can select a base currency depending on the region being planned for and the exchange rate as per your discretion. The ratios for the Sales Plan are taken from the Business/Sales Ratio Plan which you have selected. At the end of this exercise, you have a business plan for the expected demand for the period.

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