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Listening to and engaging your customer

ETP vListen is a user-friendly and easily deployable retail customer experience measurement software solution to create, configure and obtain customer feedback across retail stores or online channels. The solution can be implemented and controlled centrally from the head-office to ensure data security. The feedback forms can be generated easily to manage and to satisfy concise as well as comprehensive customer feedback requirements. They can be used to gather feedback about the retail stores, website, products, processes, promotions, etc. from customers or from internal users, company employees and brand partners. ETP vListen retail customer experience management software solution can be configured to be used as a mobile application for capturing data about store operations, visual merchandising, inventory, and store staff while doing internal store surveys. The customer feedback solution is designed to create different types of questions such as single select, multiple choice, grid matrix and descriptive. Activity and action-based form templates can be loaded, saved, updated, changed and published to select, or to all relevant groups and devices. The ETP vListen customer feedback solution can also be configured store-wise, brand-wise and can be used in multiple retail formats.

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