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Merchandise Planning
Retail Growth through Efficient Planning
ETP Merchandise Planner
The ETP Merchandise Planning Solution offers superior features for one of the most important functions in the retail and distribution processes. Normally, retail planning happens at multiple levels by multiple people in multiple formats on multiple applications with multiple naming conventions. It is often difficult to integrate it all into a single organizational merchandise plan that can be seen top down, middle out or bottom up. ETP Merchandise Planner helps you do that, from sales planning, merchandise planning, assortment planning, options planning to OTB planning. The functionality of ETP Merchandise Planner is based on the concept of multi-level location, time and merchandise hierarchies, all tightly integrated to deliver the right product, at the right price, at the right location to effectively meet your top and bottom-lines. Additionally, intuitive features in assortment planning and OTB planning help assure a balanced range-width throughout the seasons with a dynamic view of merchandise across all businesses. The ETP Merchandise Planning Solution is a progressive system which becomes the workbench for your merchants to collaborate with others in the organization to make and revise plans, as well as keep track of their retail plans’ performance in-season. Through an efficient and effective merchandise planning process, retailers can expect to minimize excess stock as well as avoid no-stock situations while still keeping a firm hold on the GMROI.

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