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Implementing Solutions
Maximum Business Benefits

ETP understands that it is not only the right business software that will help the business, it is a combination of good business processes, the right business software, a scalable and reliable technology platform, the right consulting, the right implementation services, and a far-sighted maintenance and upgradation strategy that will do the job.

ETP has established a guideline called the ETP Implementation Guideline (EIG). This enables our customers to capture business requirements, identify improvement opportunities, implement their solutions and manage the change. Our services team has the in-depth product, technology and domain knowledge necessary to help attain these objectives. We offer an established methodology through EIG and dedicated professionals to address the unique needs of the retail and distribution industries.

Today most organizations are concerned about the returns that their IT investments can give them. Therefore quick, efficient and secure implementation of the business solution leading to visible ROI is critical. The ETP Implementation Guide is devised keeping in mind these needs. Our services are designed to quickly leverage your applications in order to derive maximum business benefits in the shortest time possible.

ETP International is an international software solution company focussed on partnering with its customer to help them manage and grow their business profitably using information technology. Founded in 1988 ETP delivers cutting edge retail solutions, manufacturing and distribution solutions and technology solutions to customers across 20 countries across multiple time zones, languages and cultures.