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ETP Reporter
ETP Reporter is a user friendly retail reporting software and report designing tool. It is used to generate standard and ad-hoc reports at the retail store and the head office level to manage day to day business operations. It enables the user to swiftly generate simple or complex reports as and when needed. The user can also easily define the graphical layout of the report, choose the information required and set the relationships and formulas for generating a report output in PDF, RTF, XLS, CSV, HTML, etc. Reports can also be imported and exported, i.e. reports can be designed centrally at head office and exported to all the retail stores for use. The user-friendly UI enables users to design and generate reports with speed. Besides having MIS reports for management decisions on business strategies, real-time information is critical for daily decision-making. ETP Reporter is a flexible retail reporting software, compatible with all ETP solutions, breaking down raw retail data into user-friendly meta-data - enabling easy identification of data needed for the reports.

ETP V5 - Component Architecture

Retail Reporting Software
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