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Furniture & Home Furnishings


Manage home deliveries and direct delivery to stores

The product and service ranges in the furniture and home furnishings retail are complex and comprehensive. Attention to minute details and major changes is important with proactive scalability. ETP Omni-channel Retail Solutions empower you to provide more value to your customers and improve margins.

Furniture & Home Furnishings
  • Enable mobility within the store with secure mPOS technology
  • Configure up to nine levels of merchandise hierarchy
  • Manage product, price and promotions across multiple retail channels
  • Ascertain the value based promotions through analysis
  • Manage markdown with accurate demand planning
Allow And Manage Kit And Bundle Based Sales
  • Automatically populate year-on-year data to design optimum sales plans
  • View month-on-hand inventory and OTB units to forecast better and improve cash flow
  • Better demand management through intuitive features that factor in the customer’s buying behaviour
  • Manage home deliveries and direct delivery to stores
  • Allow and manage kit and bundle based sales
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