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Convenience Stores


Define value based promotions through analysis

Convenience stores generally sell items which are bought frequently, immediately and with minimum shopping efforts. These goods have regular and continuous demands. ETP Omni-channel Retail Solutions help you stock right and increase cash flow through the right sales promotions.

Health & Beauty
  • Create optimized assortments as per national, cluster, vendor, brand and store levels
  • Choose the right merchandise matrix for different styles and SKUs
  • Configure up to nine levels of merchandise hierarchy
  • Manage product, price and promotions across multiple retail channels
  • Define value based promotions through analysis
  • Manage markdown with accurate demand planning
  • View month-on-hand inventory and OTB units to forecast better and improve cash flow
  • Ensure auto-replenishment with direct delivery to stores and complete inventory visibility and control
  • Automatically populate year-on-year data to design optimum sales plans
  • Enable mobility within the store with secure mPOS technology
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