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ETP in The Philippines
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ETP Group is an international Retail Software Solutions company focused on partnering with its customers to help them manage and grow their business profitably using information technology. ETP´s growth in Indonesia is driven by the wide acceptance of its solutions by leading companies in Luxury Fashion and Lifestyle, Sports goods, Health & Beauty and many more segments.

In the retail space, the ETP V5 Retail Management Software is seamlessly integrated through customer relationship management (CRM), point of sale (POS), online sales, merchandise planning, promotions planning, procurement, distribution, warehousing and analytics, helping leading retailers to better integrate demand and supply to improve their bottom line. ETP V5 omni-channel retail solutions can be implemented comprehensively or modularly, in premise or on the cloud, on virtually all platforms.

Founded in 1988, ETP is the leading Omni-channel Retail Solutions company headquartered in Singapore and present in more than 20 countries across Asia Pacific, India and the Middle East. ETP's omni-channel solutions are adopted by market leaders in Retail, Distribution and Manufacturing. ETP has executed over 500 enterprise software projects in over 20 countries at 25,000+ stores and 100+ warehouses and factories. ETP's unique value proposition is its ability to deliver, create innovative products and the domain expertise delivered by hundreds of its consultants embodying ETP's best practices.