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Point of Sale and CRM
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Fast, reliable, easy to learn and use, intuitive and touch-screen based, the ETP Store is a retail software that makes your point-of-sale a point-of-delight at the retail store for both your customers and your counter staff. The ETP Store retail solution makes it easier to reduce user errors and lower your operational costs. Allowing you to bill, exchange, return, order, tender and search for inventory across stores and warehouses, the ETP Store POS software also effectively incorporates a comprehensive retail CRM Software and CRM solution and provides service levels at the storefront for tracking customer buying patterns. You can also efficiently manage promotions designed in ETP Accelerator seamlessly through this point of sale solution. ETP Store is 100% Java based, platform independent solution that is a robust and flexible system, capable of high volume transactions that can fit within various corporate environments leveraging your company's existing IT infrastructure.
Point of Sale and CRM

 For more information on ETP V5 or to request for a copy of the product brochure, please email us at contact@etpgroup.com
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